Her name is Quinn, the Demacia’s Wings, and she’s a physically damage champion. The character is already available for the registered players in the League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE), meaning that her official release should be announced soon.
Gamesta.com follows up on the recent reveal of a Slam Bolt Scrappers port coming to Steam next month. Developer Fire Hose Games stated it will not include an online multiplayer for the party game, but there will be some additions.
Daav plays Special Forces: Team X for CW Games. Whilst a decent idea in rough sketches, this online multiplayer shooter has some serious issues aside from borrowing mechanisms from its peers. It's just shaky at every corner. It's doable, but barely so.
Gamesta.com gets the latest gameplay trailer for upcoming release DARK from Kalypso Media. This stealth action game with vampires is headed to PC and Xbox 360.
Gamesta.com gets news from Nordic Games that details their final DLC for Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny. The strategy RPG hybrid gets The Last Stand as part of its DLC trilogy.
Gamesta.com gets yet more indie deals. As always, Groupees has dirtcheap games of great quality with their Be Mine anniversary. Steam keys for games like Two Worlds II and Dungeons: The Dark Lord are just some of the deals for as little as $5.
BioWare is developing a multiplayer mode for Mass Effect 3 and is currently hosting a Community Art Contest that allows players to create and submit their own art. The goal is to create unique banners that will be introduced on this upcoming multiplayer/challenge mode.
Blake from Leviathyn discusses the most overrated games ever made. And yes, your favorite game is probably on here. Don't be mad, bro!