Since the original Kingdom Hearts was released in 2002, we’ve seen a returning cast of all the same well known characters and villains in the last 11 titles on various consoles and handhelds with the official Kingdom Hearts 3 in progress for the next-gen systems. The avid Kingdom Hearts players want to see some of the main characters stick around, while gaining some major additions that will twis
SpawnFirst discusses the delightful and vibrant foods and drinks found in our video games, and we've found a trove of sites who have recreated them in real life for us to enjoy. Bon appetit!
GG3 writes: "Belgian indie project Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries has received a short new gameplay trailer, featuring a preview of its forest environment. It mostly goes over platforming elements in a darker setting."
The Elder Scrolls Online will release next friday, April 4th, but the early access kicks off today for the the digital Imperial and Standard Edition pre-purchases.
Developer Guerilla Games announced that they are releasing an expansion called Killzone Shadowfall Intercept, an expansion for Killzone Shadow Fall that will bring four player online co-op mode to the game. The expansion will be released in June, so get your friends together for some awesome carnage.
Far Cry 4 has been announced for a November 18th release date for later this year and since then the box art has seemed to gain the most uproar. The title has been under a lot of scrutiny as the art work depicts a light skin toned man sitting atop a headless statue with his hand resting on a darker skin tone man on his knees acting as a servant of some sort.
Many have asked, will we see a Second Son 2? Well, the story we received from inFamous: Second Son is not as complex or deep as inFamous 1 or 2, which makes for pretty slim chances of getting a sequel. However, don’t let that fool you.