OK, so we have a bit of news on Dead Space3, which is just rumours because nothing has been confirmed.
Twitter is a constant source of information in the gaming industry. Information gets leaked, chatter ensues, and games have even begun using it as a part of the overall experience. How can this be further implemented? What sort of impact could this have on the industry? Leviathyn.com's Travis Freese sounds off...in more than 140 characters.
There’s a lot of great games coming out through the end of this year, however, some people just don’t have money to spend on full price retail games at the moment. That’s where I come in! These are my top 5 Xbox Live Arcade games for your cheap gaming pleasure.
Games need to bring back co-op. There has been less and less games utilizing this treasured feature. Sure, there's "horde" mode but the campaigns are getting lonely.
With the PlayStation Vita's release date set as December 17 in Japan, Sony has issued a press release detailing many of the system's features, accessories, and other noteworthy tidbits. Battery life in particular has caused somewhat of an outcry, although the fairly low figures were to be expected.The release estimates approximate gaming time on Vita to be between 3 and 5 hours; watching videos w