The world of COD begins a new as tonight is the midnight release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and this time around we have a more futuristic story plot that takes place with the previous protagonist son. I know everyone is excited to get on tonight and rank up to get their prestige before the end of the week, but before that the nice people Treyarch want you to know about some polices that will g
This is the gamestop exclusive multi-player mode “Creature Slaughter Dome” where you and your team will battle against Pandora’s Creatures. The added slaughter mode also grants you a lot of experience points as well as loot. It is a great way to kill a lot of time with your friends, as well as grind while playing the campaign to make it a lot more easier to tackle.
The new Hearthfire DLC expands the Skyrim world even more by granting you option to purchase your own land and build up your own home from a simple cottage to a huge compound. It is like being your own interior decorator in Skyrim which you can have a fully customized area with armory, alchemy laboratory, stable, garden, and more. I feel like a real estate agent talking about all this glory in Sk
I am expecting a flame war to happen, but I really want this to be a good discussion on how many of you feel about the idea of a “Gamer”. I will admit, at first I was about the ideas of the games you play, but that was just my general opinion of what I considered a game in the first place. That was not a fair judgment on my part at all. In this post I am hoping it submit clarity to those that get
Okay, honesty time here, I have never worked at a fast food restaurant. I have been to many of them, seen their kitchens, worked on various pieces of equipment they use but never worked with the food or for one. Same thing for the State Fair, been to many but never worked with food at any of them. That is all well and fine, I am sure, because I can almost guarantee that they are nothing like h
Do you remember light guns? Any person that was raised during the 80′s and 90′s experienced such titles like Duck Hunt which was the first light gun game I ever played on the Nintendo. The years of light guns started to evolve, but not all of it for the better. I felt that light guns took a change for the better when Time Crisis first debut in the states where it was the first light gun game to f
I know many of you are getting into many great mobile game applications out there, but there is still a lot those tablets can’t do or rather what experience you have with them. If you are a PlayStation plus member you were granted access to the recently released God of War Ascension Multi-player beta. This is the first time you will get to make your own warrior and battle it out either in a free-
I know many of you had a problem with the ending to Mass Effect 3 and Bioware was nice enough to give you a free change to the ending, but that is all done for now. It is time to talk about another story to the Mass Effect series and this is about James Vega. It makes you think what the other crew members of the Normandy were doing while Shepard was pronounced “dead”? I always had Vega on my squa