The release of Lightning Returns is almost upon us and there is a lot of pre-order bonus to look forward to, but right now has their own costume pre-order bonus. From Final Fantasy X, you will be able to dawn Yun’s Spira costume and perform her summoning moves as well. This also includes her staff and victory pose and if you are a FFX fan as much as I am, this will be a fun pre-order b
Talk about inheriting the family curse in Amanda Ripley never expected to walk the same path as her Mother Ellen. It has been fifteen years since the first battles of the xenomorphs and it is now up to Amanda to take on the mystery of her mothers disappearance and hopefully uncover the answers she seeks.
I swear it was not until after the DDR craze where I got into handheld rhythm games on my psp, but that came later with my friends in the PSPnation back in the day. Now there is a new rhythm game in town that features some funky martial arts and great mix of music that I didn't expect to be used in a game.
Evil can take on many forms and definitely can make the purist of hearts corrupt, but what if you are already born with evil intent? How would you make humans suffer? It comes down to the way you set your traps of course, but here is the preview you are looking for.
What do you get when you mix April O’Neil, Peter Parker and the skills of bo staff martial artist? Give up? You get a kick-a** futuristic investigative reporter that will take down anyone trying to mess with the kids she cares for. I introduce you all to Jade and apparently she is having a hard time maintaining a decent way of living, especially when there are certain things that go bump in the n
For you season pass holders, get ready for your first line up of the Call of Duty: Ghost O.D.I.N season and of course you will get a nice preview of what to expect. In that being said I introduce you to Onslaught preview video that will feature two new guns and four maps. Do you know what really caught my eye though? That campaign story for Extinction and the new enemies that you will have to fac
Happy Monday racing fans and gamers of the world to this post on the supposed Need For Speed Undergound 3. Last week the internet blew up with a fan deviantart post of a NFS Undergound 3 poster, but it was just a fan who really wishes this genre would make a return. In all honesty, you damn right it should make a return, but no hate towards the NFS team because I hit them up through twitter on @N
Now, how many of you wish you can improve your gaming abilities? I know many of you go out there trying to find the best accessories or controllers to enhance your gaming skills, because frankly speaking their are too many gamers out there with an unfair advantage or using a modified controller with drop-shot or a turbo feature. However, what if you could naturally grow your skills without rebuil