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Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you were in Mass Effect? We've got you covered.
It seems the folks at Battlefieldo, one of the larger Battlefield 3 communities, have had enough of what they say is neglect and a lack of information regarding game updates and patches from Electronic Arts. In order to voice their disapproval of the publisher’s practices, the community, in a post by community manager Cory “Pr3sident” Niblett, has decided to go silent for a full 24 hours starting
DualShockers' own Joel Taveras got his hands on Mass Effect 3 last week. "Writing a preview for something like Mass Effect 3 is pretty hard." ...[SPOILER ALERT!!!]
Mass Effect is a rather unique game. It has some of the standard tropes of Science Fiction and the usual mechanics of a BioWare game, but there is a unique undercurrent to the game that makes it stand out, even amongst its peers. BioWare always goes out of their way in order to create their game worlds, whether it is reinventing and rebuilding the Star Wars universe or creating an Asian influence
By now, you’ve likely heard of the Stop Online Piracy Act and its sister act from the senate, the Protect IP act. We have not spoken much about it, save ...