Webmaster Tools for vgn24 Contributors

If you run a game news related website or blog, submitting your news stories to vgn24 is a great way to promote your site and gain new readers for your content. We want to make submitting your stories as simple and easy as possible. This way your own readers can recommend your news stories to be featured on here on vgn24 with little effort. Each time one of your readers click on the vgn24 link or button on your site, your story will be submitted to vgn24 with most to all of the information needed to complete a submission. vgn24 sends a lot of traffic to game sites each month. Considering that vgn24 is a targeted game news site, the chance of your stories hitting the front page and rising to the Top 5 Featured position is a lot higher compared to other social news and bookmaking sites like digg. We also work hard to make sure every members' submission gets seen unlike other game oriented sites like N4G.


Webmasters are more than welcome to submit their news using our standard submission form. In addition, we would be happy to work with webmasters to integrate news submissions right into your Blog or CMS software. If you are an established website with unique content and newsworthy articles, we want to hear from you! Why lose out on this opportunity? News is published on vgn24 around the clock, and we want to help the independent sites and individual game sites get the same exposure as the major outlets like IGN, Gamespot, GameTrailers, GameVideos, and IDG. vgn24 was designed to get the news out to gamers no matter the source, as long as its fresh and interesting. So register today, and contact us by email help@vgn24.com if you're a webmaster who wants to submit articles more easily to vgn24 and need help or assistance with putting our button(s) on your site.

Increasing the Exposure of Your News

Webmasters who want to increase the exposure of their news should link their exact news article back to the vgn24 news article. Inbound traffic counts towards news activity and will get your news into the Top Stories and keep them there for the highest exposure!

vgn24 Buttons and Submission Links

Url to use:

Url Parameter Descriptions

  • Should contain the url of the story
  • Should be as clean as possible, no users sessions or user-specific date in the url.

  • URL-encode the story title


Here is an example of how the news tips link can look, but feel free to customize it the way you want. A good place to add the link is at the end of your articles, making it easy for your readers to vote on your stories. We recomend that you host the image on your website.


Benefits of Using vgn24 Buttons

There are a couple advantages to using the vgn24 submission buttons on your site. First off, it allows your users to submit your content for you and save you time so you can focus on creating more quality content. It also allows registered users to skip straight to the final submission step the moment they click on the button. vgn24 pulls all the information from your content to make submissions faster. Lastly, sites using the vgn24 submission button get priority in our "Top Sites" section located at the bottom of every vgn24.com page. This gives your site and content even more exposure. Make sure to let us now through the contact page if you're using the button to help get you into the "Top Sites" section.