What is vgn24?

vgn24 is a social news site focusing on videogames, the gaming industry and the culture surrounding games where you can read and discuss all the latest news. The site is updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the community. vgn24 members search the internet for the most interesting stories, and tons of stories get submitted by vgn24 contributors each day. The most interesting stories get featured on the vgn24 homepage where they are rated by a member votes reflecting the popularity of each story.

Why become a vgn24 member?

As a member of vgn24 you can participate in discussions by commenting on submissions as well as contribute your own news stories to the site. You'll be able to vote on stories in the upcoming stories area which lets you read news stories before they go to the front page of the site. We also run monthly contests for vgn24 members. Becoming a member is quick, easy and completely free. Click here to Join.

Who writes the news?

vgn24 is a community driven website, which means all news stories are posted by our registered members. Submissions must have a valid source, which can be found by clicking on the story's title in the submission's detail page. Unlike most videogame news sites with a small staff covering the industry, our members here at vgn24 search the internet for the most interesting stories. This way vgn24 is able to cover many more news stories each day than traditional gaming news site.

Can I post news?

All members can submit stories to the site. To become an vgn24 contributor you simply need to Register. If you register you can start to submit news stories to the upcoming stories area. However submissions to vgn24 require a specific number of votes by the community to reach the front page. These votes come from other vgn24 members while the submission is in the upcoming stories area.

Can I post news from my own site?

A lot of hits are sent out each month to small and big websites alike from vgn24. This makes vgn24 a great place for webmasters to get free traffic and pick up new readers for their content. You can add a vgn24 share it button on your site or you can join vgn24 and become a contributor. However you will have no special privileges as a webmaster and you will have to follow the same rules as all other vgn24 members. Our administrators and mods also reserve the right to edit both the url and the text of your articles if necessary. It's rare that edits are required, and restraint is always used by vgn24 admins and mods.

What is the purpose of the Upcoming Stories section?

Before a news story can go live on the front page of the site it must first be reviewed and voted on by the community. Only registered vgn24 members and vgn24administrators are allowed to vote on submitted stories. Occasionally vgn24 will open up votes to unregistered members as a way to demo the site and give potential members an idea of how the site operates.