While there are many video games that are great, there are only as many bad ones that will not exist. These games can leave anyone having a serious case. There are several warning signs that will help you avoid these bad games, like the advice in the next gaming article.
The dust has settled on E3 2014 and the opinions are quite divided, as they’ve always been when it comes to the biggest games carnival of the year..Supercheats recaps all the press conferences from E3 2014 in the most bite-sized way possible and even puts them in order from the least exciting to most exhilarating. Hell, there are even bullet points for those who really don't want to read.
Hold on to your britches ladies and gentlemen, Far Cry 4 has been announced for Next Gen and Last Gen consoles. An Ubisoft financial report for the 2014 fiscal year confirmed the release of the next installment of Far Cry.
Hideo Kojima wasn't kidding when he said MGSV was a big game. A recently released image compares the maps from every Metal Gear Solid game.
Twitch has officially revealed their broadcast schedule for E3. Starting today, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is merely one week away.
This is not your average hack'n slash game. Watch the review of Watch Dogs for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 here.
Chris Fleck writes "E3 is an event where videogame makers from around the world gather to show off their upcoming games. There are also thousands of journalists reporting from the event. This makes it the perfect venue to show the videogames they’ve been working on for the first time. As the event grows near, every gamer can’t help but wonder what new games will be revealed. Everyone has their
Ubisoft has confirmed via their Twitter account that we will indeed see Child of Light on the PS Vita. The game has been available for consoles since April 29th, and will be available to purchase on the PS Vita system starting July 1st in the US, and July 2nd in Europe.